[Aptitude-devel] Bug#822560: Bug#822560: aptitude: Pressing "q" to quit after installation leaves a black terminal

Ralf Jung post at ralfj.de
Mon Apr 25 13:26:14 UTC 2016


> Ralf Jung wrote:
>> I am using Terminator as my terminal emulator. Since the latest update, aptitude
>> tells me I can press "q" to Quit directly after packages have been
>> installed. However, if I do that, the screen is left entirely blank and there is
>> no reaction to typing.
> How long have you waited? Aptitude is saving some states at this
> position.

Not sure, a couple of seconds. I'm on an SSD, so that should be enough
to save any state. Quitting aptitude normally (from the "full" window)
does not occur any noticeable delay.

> Going black is what also happens if run in a screen session, but
> actually, everything is/should be still there if scroll back.
> At least that's for me. If I run aptitude inside an xterm, the about
> 1.5 terminal heights of black do not appear. Reason for this "black"
> is probably that aptitude goes back to fullscreen mode for a short
> moment and only then exits.

Hm, I hit "Enter" a bunch of times and also pressed some random letters.
Nothing. Then I did Ctrl-C, and then I got a prompt (and some old
prompts, from the "Enter") -- and the random letters were somehow
transformed into garbage bytes most displayed with that "?"-like symbol.

I just tried this again -- and indeed, after ~1 second, the black goes
away and the normal terminal appears. That was after just installing one
package, maybe it takes longer when many packages were affected? I sure
felt like I waited at least 3 seconds before doing Ctrl-C.
  In any case, it would be helpful if aptitude could display something
about being busy, instead of going all black.

>> If, instead of pressing "q", I press Ctrl-C directly when I get the prompt that
>> asks me to hit Enter, then aptitude quits just fine.
> Nope, it then can't store some states which it only stores afterwards,
> mostly stuff like if reinstallations were done etc.

Oh, I see... well, that's how I quit aptitude for months already, and so
far it kept working. ;-) But I'm actually very happy that there's now a
more "official" and reliable way of doing this :-)

Kind regards,

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