[Aptitude-devel] Bug#835372: aptitude: behavior change with 0.7.6 with packages that can't be installed breaking automated installations

Thomas Lange lange at informatik.uni-koeln.de
Thu Aug 25 01:03:41 BST 2016

This new behaviour will break some FAI installations. It would be very
good, if such an APT::Get:: option will be added. I'm hoping to have
such an option also for apt-get since a long time. This option should
also ignore package names which are unknown, for example due to a
typo. Using the new option, following command should also result in
exit code 0: 

# aptitude install xyz123
Couldn't find any package whose name or description matched "xyz123"

For automated installations, we would love to have a feature that just
ignores unknown package names, or packages names which have no
installation candidate.

I expect for apt-get/aptitude that if I give a list of package names
to be install like

# aptitude install a b c d

and c is a package name which is not known, using this
option the package c will be removed from the list (or just ignored)
but packages a, b and d will installed.
regards Thomas

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