[Aptitude-devel] Bug#836899: Bug#836899: aptitude: dpkg - found unknown packages; this might mean the available database is outdated

David Kalnischkies david at kalnischkies.de
Wed Sep 7 11:04:12 UTC 2016

Control: reassign -1 apt 1.3~rc1
Control: affects -1 aptitude
Control: close -1 1.3~rc3

(lets see if ^ this is going to work)

On Tue, Sep 06, 2016 at 10:37:06PM +0000, shirish शिरीष wrote:
> I was updating testing today. I got the following error while updating
> testing today.

You meant you /upgraded/ testing, right? Updating as a word is in this
context a bit too overloaded and tends to refer just to the 'update'
step, not any form of '(full/dist/safe-)upgrade'.

> dpkg: warning: package not in database at line 32: libappstream3:amd64
> dpkg: warning: package not in database at line 34: libprotobuf9v5:amd64
> dpkg: warning: found unknown packages; this might mean the available database
> is outdated, and needs to be updated through a frontend method

You "helpfully" stripped all the context, but I guess you were
(dist-)upgrading, you have autoremove enabled (default in aptitude) and
purge packages on remove (not the default). Any other situation in which
packages are purged can "work" too through, I am just guessing this
situation as these libraries had a soname bump recently.

> Versions of packages aptitude depends on:
> ii  aptitude-common            0.8.3-1
> ii  libapt-pkg5.0              1.3~rc2

1.3~rc3 has a fix for a problem introduced in 1.3~exp1 titled "* do not
restore selections for already purged packages" which in all likelyhood
is your problem as I even mentioned aptitude in the long description:

Feel free to ignore the warning until apt transitions to testing as it
is perfectly harmless – no need to upgrade apt out of line to fix this.

Best regards

David Kalnischkies
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