[Aptitude-devel] Please giveback aptitude/0.8.6-1 on mips64el

James Cowgill jcowgill at debian.org
Mon Mar 6 20:13:58 UTC 2017


On 06/03/17 20:09, Axel Beckert wrote:
> Dear mips64el Buildd Admins,
> can you please giveback aptitude/0.8.6-1 on mips64el?
> Axel Beckert wrote on 25. Jan. 2017:
>> According to
>> https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=aptitude&arch=mips64el&ver=0.8.5-1&stamp=1485311229&raw=0
>> something (probably xsltproc) segfaulted while building parts of the
>> documentation (which obviously worked fine on other architectures and
>> is architecture-independent).
>> Even though it's no more mentioned in the /topic of #debian-devel, I
>> assume that's of the recently shown up build problems on mips64el.
> Same story again with 0.8.6-1:
> https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=aptitude&arch=mips64el&ver=0.8.6-1&stamp=1488829841&raw=0
> Again some tool in the documentation tool chain segfaults on mips64el.

Done. This bug in libxml2 is Loongson specific so it will only happen on
some buildds.


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