[Aptitude-devel] Bug#982716: Bug#982716: aptitude: FTBFS: tests failed

David Kalnischkies david at kalnischkies.de
Sat Feb 13 22:08:43 GMT 2021

On Sat, Feb 13, 2021 at 06:11:03PM +0100, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Relevant part (hopefully):
> > FAIL: cppunit_test
| aptitude_resolver.cc:680 ERROR - Invalid hint "-143 aptitude <4.3.0": the action "-143" should be "approve", "reject", or a number.

The test uses aptitude_resolver::hint::parse in src/generic/apt/aptitude_resolver.cc
which in line 676 uses StrToNum to parse the hint which fails with
apt >= 2.1.19 as StrToNum is refusing to parse negative numbers now.

The data type of StrToNum is unsigned and using strtoull internally
which works on an unsigned long long (ull), too, but defines that
for negative numbers "the negation of the result of the conversion" is
returned… which tends to be unexpected (Negative numbers played a minor
role in e.g. CVE-2020-27350 for example).

You could convert to using strtoul directly to replicate the old
behaviour, with something like

| char * endptr;
| auto score_tweaks = strtoul(action.c_str(), &endptr, 10);
| if (*endptr != '\0')

(ideally you would check errno for failures of the conversion, but
 StrToNum wasn't doing that either in the past, so to replicate bugs…
 it does do a few other things instead, but they are not relevant here
 aka: it was an odd choice from the start and the only place it is used
 in aptitude)

BUT a bit further down the number is reinterpreted as a signed int which
suggests to me that aptitude wasn't actually expecting to get
a potentially huge positive value for a negative number, but would in
fact prefer to get a negative number if it parsed one and it just didn't
matter for this test either way (and negative hints by users are
probably not that common, too).

So I guess what is intended here is more like:
| char * endptr;
| errno = 0;
| auto score_tweaks = strtol(action.c_str(), &endptr, 10);
| if (errno != 0 || *endptr != '\0')

Note that I have not checked my hypotheses. (The code samples are also
typed in my mail client, so I have probably included some typos letting
them not even compile.)

Sorry for this breaking change this late in the cycle! If its any
consolation I am also angry that I not only not managed to finish the
fuzzing project in time, but also not managed to salvage the more useful
bit in a more timely fashion either.

Best regards

David Kalnischkies
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