[Aptitude-devel] Bug#988291: aptitude: strange search output when using tabs in --display-format

Christoph Anton Mitterer calestyo at scientia.net
Sun May 9 19:15:33 BST 2021

Package: aptitude
Version: 0.8.13-3
Severity: normal


When using tabs in --display-format, then output is kinda strange.


$ aptitude --disable-columns --display-format $'%c%M\t%p' search '?obsolete'
iA      libdvdcss2                       
iA	libqb0
iA	usbguard-applet-qt

has spacces in the first line (between iA and libdvdcss2 and also *after* libdvdcss2,
but results are fine for the other two, that is \t between iA and libqb0 respectively
usbguard-applet-qt and no spaces after the package names.

It seems to be always the first line, though I could have sworn that last night
when first stumbling over this, I found that the addittion of ? and/or # to the
%<X> fields solved the problem (despite having --disable-columns) ... but I cannot
reproduce this now.


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