[Aptitude-devel] Bug#1012895: cwidget RC bug: Please upload or grant me cwidget team membership on Salsa

Axel Beckert abe at deuxchevaux.org
Thu Aug 4 17:03:53 BST 2022

Hi Manuel,

TL;DR: Please grant me cwidget team membership on Salsa so we don't
have to NMU it. Or just do an upload of cwidget with the patch from

I know you're busy with RISC-V and other stuff, but please do me a
small favour and add me to the cwidget team on Salsa, probably via


There are currently RC bugs in aptitude and cwidget which both cause
aptitude to FTBFS with GCC 12:


Both bug reports have patches by pabs (Cc'ed).

Without having the cwidget bugs (#1015925) fixed, I can't fix the
aptitude one (#1012895).

Currently you're the only "cwidget team" member on Salsa. I've
requested team membership there a few days ago, so I can do proper
"Team uploads" for cwidget, too. Otherwise pabs or me would have to
NMU cwidget. And I think having a second uploader for cwidget would be
good in the long run anyway, especially because aptitude is its only
library user.

Other options beside the NMU are (obviously) that you do a quick
upload of cwidget with pabs' patch from #1015925.

(Sent from my non-debian address to your non-debian address due to the
current GMail fuckup which causes tons of false positive mail
rejections by GMail, especially with mails forwarded by the BTS.)

		Kind regards, Axel
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