[Aptitude-devel] Bug#1012895: aptitude: ftbfs with GCC-12

Axel Beckert abe at debian.org
Mon Jul 25 23:28:59 BST 2022

Hi Paul,

Paul Wise wrote:
> I tried to build aptitude, found it fails due to cwidget bug #1015925.

Do you intend to NMU that?

> The issue is that the operator<< functions are not declared before the
> call site, so forward declarations before HelperMacros.h are needed:

Thanks for having looked into this.

> I'm not sure how to contribute this change to the package because this
> should be a native package but isn't

I'm not that sure about this. But it is probably historically grown.

> and has debian/patches/

Correct, this is mostly used for short-term fixes.

> but also an upstream master branch

Correct. This is where actual development and new "upstream" releases

> that seems to be unused.

Not really true. It's just that we haven't made a real "upstream"
release for quite a while because Manuel is mostly busy with the RISC
V port.

> I suggest merging the contents of debian/patches/ to the upstream
> master branch

IIRC this is partially already done.

> and then cherry-picking the FTBFS patches to a new minor
> release branch instead of using debian/patches/.

If it needs to be done quick, it will not happen that way.

> I've filed two merge requests with two different approaches, one is a
> commit for the master branch and one a patch for the debian-sid branch.

Thanks. Attaching the patch here would have sufficed, though.

As far I understood, it doesn't make sense to upload a new aptitude
package before #1015925 is fixed.

		Regards, Axel
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