[Babel-users] A Babel experiment at funkfeuer.at

Harald Geyer harald at lefant.net
Wed Dec 31 02:54:55 UTC 2008

> >> >>   ssh -L 33123:ip6-localhost:33123 ...
> >> > Anyway: It doesn't work either. On the router I get messages
> >> > "channel 3: open failed: connect failed:" whenever I try to start telnet
> >> > and telnet says:
> >> 
> >> Weird.  Works for me.
> Ah, I got it.  Try instead
>    ssh -L33123:[::1]:33123 ...
> (That's because there's no ``ip6-localhost'' in the /etc/hosts of your
> routers...)

Indeed. It works now and BabelTool is quite nice too. Thanks.

However I now have a new problem...

Originally I used the following babel.conf:
redistribute local ip ::/0
redistribute local deny

Together with an address configuration like:
ip addr add 2a02:60:2::1/64 dev vlan0

However I noticed that babel only advertises 2a02:60:2::1/128 but not the
network that is locally reachable.

So I changed babel.conf like this:
redistribute ip ::/0
redistribute local deny

Now babel advertises two routes:

This is not what I had intended. Did I miss something? Is this a bug?

Also note that if I add some non local route like
ip route add 2a02:60:2:1::/64 via fe80::218:f8ff:fe23:ef79 dev vlan0
then this seems silently ignored by babel.


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