[Babel-users] ahcpd babel wireless mesh network

filozofu^ bogdan bodo2all at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 13 14:51:49 UTC 2008

I've been trying to put together  a wireless mesh network with one openwrt lynksys router and 2 linux laptops.
After reading the documentation and the readme and the --help to both ahcpd and babel, I still can't make it work.
I want the router to be a "stateful autoritative ahcpd server with babel routing" that gives ipv6 and ipv4 adresses and that is staticaly configured!
One laptop should be a "stateful ahcpd server with babel routing" that is configured by the router then configures the second laptop.
Also if the above laptop fails (is shut down/ falls from the faculty floor) the second laptop should contact the router and reconfigure routing.

I've tried running 
ahcp-generate -p fde6:20f5:c9ac:358: -P babel -n fde6:20f5:c9ac:358:1 -g > ahcp.dat
ahcpd -d 99 -a /tmp/ahcp.dat -S /tmp/ahcp-leases -n -c /tmp/dummy-config.sh wl0 br-lan

on the Router and "ahcpd -d 99 wlan0" on the client 
MENTION: both router and laptop client were essid="WPIT" mod="Ad-hoc" signal strength=100%

the console messages on the server
"creat(unique_id): No such file or directory
Entering main loop.
Sleeping for 3.355s.
Sending AHCP reply on wl0..."

the console messages on the laptop client is attached

but some strange ipv6 is added to the laptop's wlan0  ::213:e8ff:feec:9a65
and no ipv4 for the client(no gateway, no dns).

CAN ANYONE PLS send some specific instructions on HOW to get this working  SERVER---> CLIENT_SERVER----->CLIENT with babel routing!

Thanks in advance and waiting a reply

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