[Babel-users] mv from darcs to git

Harald Geyer harald at lefant.net
Tue Mar 1 09:48:18 UTC 2011

> Independently of the OpenWRT issues (which I'm confident Gabriel will
> solve), do people want the babeld, babelz and ahcpd repositories to move
> to Git?  Git sucks, but it sucks less than it used to, and I'm okay with
> moving.

It has been a while that I didn't work with babel code so maybe my opinion
doesn't matter, but I rather liked that babel used darcs.

There are two fundamentally different approaches to revision control and
IMHO the best implementation of one is git, the the best implementation
of the other is darcs. I think the babel source fits well with the
darcs approach. So I see little point in moving ...


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