[Babel-users] OT: Centralised WebRTC server available for testing

Juliusz Chroboczek jch at irif.fr
Fri May 1 12:15:56 BST 2020

Hi, and sorry for abusing this list for another off-topic post.

Some of you may remember the peer-to-peer WebRTC server I advertised a few
weeks ago.  While it is still what I recommend for one-on-one conversations
(peer-to-peer is good), I've been working on a centralised solution for
larger groups of people.

We've just tested yesterday a meeting with 12 participants (12 incoming
and 132 outgoing flows), and it held.  So I guess I might as well make it
available.  The demo server is on


It is described on


The code is available, and will be licensed under a Free license when I'm

-- Juliusz

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