[Blends-commit] r3297 - /projects/med/trunk/debian-med/tasks/bio-dev

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Wed Apr 18 17:56:16 UTC 2012

Author: tille
Date: Wed Apr 18 17:56:15 2012
New Revision: 3297

URL: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/blends/?sc=1&rev=3297
Remove extra information from now officially available packages


Modified: projects/med/trunk/debian-med/tasks/bio-dev
URL: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/blends/projects/med/trunk/debian-med/tasks/bio-dev?rev=3297&op=diff
--- projects/med/trunk/debian-med/tasks/bio-dev (original)
+++ projects/med/trunk/debian-med/tasks/bio-dev Wed Apr 18 17:56:15 2012
@@ -86,6 +86,12 @@
 Depends: libffindex0-dev
+Depends: librostlab3-dev, librostlab-doc
+Depends: librostlab-blast0-dev, librostlab-blast-doc
+Depends: librg-blast-parser-perl
 Depends: bioclipse
 Homepage: http://www.bioclipse.net/
@@ -203,39 +209,3 @@
  MMTK is a package consisting of various modules, most of them written in
  Python, and some in C.
-Depends: librostlab3-dev, librostlab-doc
-WNPP: 666192
-License: LGPL-3+
-Language: C++
-Pkg-Description: C++ library from the Rost Lab
- The library provides the following facilities:
-  * current working directory resource
-  * exception with stack backtrace
-  * file lock resource
-  * passwd and group structures for C++
-  * effective uid and gid resource
-  * rostlab::bio::seq class with stream input operator for FASTA format
-  * umask resource
-Depends: librostlab-blast0-dev, librostlab-blast-doc
-WNPP: 666193
-License: LGPL-3+
-Language: C++
-Pkg-Description: very fast C++ library for parsing the output of NCBI BLAST programs
- This package provides a very fast library for parsing the default output of
- NCBI BLAST programs into a C++ structure.
- .
- libzerg is faster, but it provides only lexing (i.e. it only returns pairs
- of token identifiers and token string values).  librostlab-blast uses a
- parser generated with bison on top of a flex-generated lexer very similar to
- that of libzerg.
-Depends: librg-blast-parser-perl
-WNPP: 666194
-License: Artistic
-Language: Perl
-Pkg-Description: very fast NCBI BLAST parser - binding for perl
- This package contains perl binding for a very fast C/C++ library for NCBI
- BLAST -m 0 (default) output parsing.  BLAST results are returned in a
- convenient hash structure.

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