[Debconf-devel] Bug#381619: debconf 1.5.3 breaks apache install

dean gaudet dean at arctic.org
Sat Aug 5 22:39:58 UTC 2006

Package: debconf
Version: 1.5.3

apache-1.3.34-2 package can't be configured when debconf 1.5.3 is on the 
box... works fine when 1.5.2 is on the box...

tail of set -x output looks like so:

+ db_set apache/server-name arctic.org
+ _db_cmd 'SET apache/server-name' arctic.org
+ printf '%s\n' 'SET apache/server-namearctic.org'
+ IFS='
+ read -r _db_internal_line
+ RET='10 apache/server-namearctic.org doesn'\''t exist'
+ case ${_db_internal_line%%[   ]*} in
+ return 10

everything is fine if i revert the echo/printf change from #306134.


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