[Debconf-devel] MD List in America

Avery armful Wilkinsonafywmcfnq at dncinc.com
Wed Jan 23 02:52:29 UTC 2008

Certified MDs in the United States 

788,331 in total <> 17,315 emails

MD in over 34 specialties

16 different sortable fields

Now priced at: $396

*** We will give you the lists below at no extra charge if you order this week ***

--> Pharmaceutical Companies in the United States
  Personal email addresses (47,000 in total) and names for top level executives

--> Hospital Facilities in the US
  Full data for all the major positions in more than 7k facilities

--> American Dentists
  A complete Database or dentists and related services (valued at $399)

--> Chiropractors in the USA
  100,000 Chiropractors in the USA (worth $250 alone)

send and email to:      gino.canali at hotmail.com


above expires on Jan 25

for termination of this mail send a blank message with 3553 in the subject

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