[Debconf-devel] Bug#78215: Processing Assistant required. 1500/week

cullan delois Rsrishti2003 at vidyapatha.com
Wed Jun 4 12:40:46 UTC 2008

Currently we need an assistants who can proceed paypal payments sent by our customers. If you agree to fill the position, the only thing you need to have to start working, is verified paypal account. You may go to www.paypal.com and open an account there.
Any, Personal or Premier account is acceptable, no big difference between them.. After your paypal account is opened, you will need to verify it by adding your bank account to paypal. You may follow the link to verify your paypal account after its opened.
This is where you will withdraw money coming from our customers. Later, once the transfer from paypal will be cleared and you will receive the funds, you will need to send the funds minus your fee to our partners GoldGram Inc. using Money Gram or Western Union.
Basically thats it. Let us know your verified paypal email address, so we can proceed the first test transfer into your paypal account.
If you interested, let me know directly at: dibagi28736 at gmail.com

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