[Debconf-devel] Bug#560317: dpkg-reconfigure fails on cm-super

Simon Valiquette v.simon at ieee.org
Thu Dec 10 20:38:23 UTC 2009

Norbert Preining un jour écrivit:
> reassign 560317 tex-common
> retitle 560317 update-texmf-config calls dpkg-trigger even outside maintainer scripts
> thanks
> Thanks for the report, besides the problme that is real (although
> I don't see *WHY* dpkg complains, it is called from postinst script
> which is called ...), why do you reconfigure cm-super?

I was just lazy after making many major upgrades and wanted to review the 
configuration of every packages with dpkg-reconfigure -a -p low

Because it stopped in the middle of it, I investigated a bit the issue and 
found out that it stopped at cm-super.

Reconfiguring cm-super was just an easy way to show and reproduce the problem.

>> I don't know why the reconfiguration fails while the installation
>> is successful, but perhaps you will have some idea. Notice that I
> I have no idea why dpkg-trigger complains, but I will inquire about
> it.

Same for me, but AFAIK it complains only with dh_installtex, so I tough it 
was probably not dpkg fault.

>> have the exact same problem with cm-super-minimal, which is to be
>> expected since they use the same scripts.
> And with any other package that uses dh_installtex from tex-common
> and ships fonts.

Ah, good. I very superficialy looked at the cm-super source package, and 
didn't saw anything obviously wrong. But I tough you would figure out much 
faster than me where the problem could be.

> Again, thanks for reporting.

I am very glad of having been useful. Have a nice day.

Simon Valiquette

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