[Debconf-devel] D.entists Listing in the United States

Figueroa T Delbert nwkccwakxsGerardo at kvwmail.com
Mon Nov 9 20:55:33 UTC 2009

New for this Year: Dentistry Listing in the United States

** 164,751 D.entists with City, State, Zip
** 158,783 Postal Addresses
** 163,939 Phone Numbers
** 77,659 Fax #'s
** 45,335 E-Mails

Up to nov 13 the price has been reduced to $192, you save $100!

Send an email to Kane at mydoclists.Co.CC to inquire about this and other Listing we have

for termination of this mail send a blank message to delrem at mydoclists.Co.CC

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