[Debconf-devel] Debconf Dbus frontend and PackageKit

Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-debian at yahoo.com.br
Mon Oct 26 17:39:35 UTC 2009

I've talked to Colin on irc and we discussed some
things about the PackageKit integration with debconf.
The main problems we have is that the user in PackageKit
can start an installation and logout, in this case the
frontend must fallback to noninteractive to avoid problems.

After long discussing with Richard he agreed to
either have a Dbus interface or a setting up a socket
to deal with it.

As someone said in debian-devel list having a Dbus
frontend would make most sense since PackageKit
is Dbus based.
So in 2 weeks I created a Dbus frontend, with a simple
interface, I have even created a kde4 interface which
debconf currently does not have due perl+qt4 binding.

After talking with Colin he stated that using Debconf
Passthrough frontend through a socket would be the
"only" way to it, since Dbus.pm would "duplicate"
Passthrough.pm and also the gnome/kde interfaces.

All Dbus.pm/Kde4 is attached if you guys want
to take a look*, now as I want PackageKit soon on Debian
I'd like to know which way you guys suggests me:
- Create a PackageKit package with Dbus.pm inside it
  not ideal imo.
- Use passthrough to talk to PackageKit and create
a Dbus interface to be used by the clients
(KPackageKit and gnome-PackageKit)
- Or create and handle the socket in KPackageKit/Gnome-packagekit
wich would call debconf-comunicate and pass what comes in
the socket (much more complicated than creating a
DBus interface imo).

* For it to work this patch _must_ be applied
hopefully it will be included in a newer version of DBus perl

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