[Debconf-devel] debconf porting question/issue

TheSin thesin at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 16:03:28 UTC 2012

Hi I'm a fink (http://www.finkproject.org/) maintainer and I'm trying to get debconf into fink so that I can use it for some of my packages since I love debian and how debconf works.

I've started be making packages from po4a, intltool-debian and po-debconf, which with a few patches I believe to have working now.  The biggest issue was in po4a since there eis a darwin bug in gettext 0.17 which is all fink has available at the moment and I have to make sure to get --backup=none into most msgmerge calls.

But now that I'm working on debconf during the compile I'm running into

cd man && po4a po4a/po4a.cfg
(683 entries)
No candidate position for the addendum po4a/add_de/addendum.pod.de.
Addendum po4a/add_de/addendum.pod.de does NOT apply to debconf.de.1.pod 
(translation discarded).
make[1]: *** [manpages] Error 255

If I run it make again, it'll go to the next lang, and so on so forth, once it fails on each lang it then completes without issue, but obviously there is an issue here that I'm hoping to solve and I assume it's in po4a, I was hoping maybe I could talk to the experts to save a little time and locating the issue here, could it be a gettext 0.17 issue?  Are there any gettext calls in this area of po4a?

Any info would be greatly appreciated and thanks for the great option of deb configuration!
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