Please I am in anticipation of your response.

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Greetings to you, how are you and your family?. i hope all is well with you , my names is Carolina Vladimir Daisy. i'm 24 years old, my father is from Russia  and my mother is from  Republic of Togo in West Africa, but  both met and married in England. i was born and raised up in England,i'm currently living in the city of Essex in Brent wood united kingdom,i'm a student of first year in the university. please my dear is urgent that you write to me if you found a place in your heart to help me . my father was poisoned by his business partiner who wanted to claim his Gold that was the caused of my father's death in one of the private hospital in my mothers's town in Lome Republic of Togo and my mother is very ill of which now i'm not sure of her survival is 50/50. Now the relations of my mother wants to claim the wealth of my father over there because i'm the only kid of my parents. They don't love me they wants to cheat on me because i'm a lady. All i did was to fly down to Lome to see how i can manage to secure the life of my mother and the fund because no body cares to help us, what they all need is to see the death of my mother and took over all the wealth left by my father. on my arrival my mother gave me the documents related to the deposit of the fund my father deposited in the financial security company. i don't have ideal of handling such a huge amount of money, i'm here in search of someone to help me. I need your help to secure/invest the enclosed deposited fund under a security bond . I'm seriously looking for someone I can trust who will take me as his own child and to love me with the care and safety. I saw your contact on the Internet during my search for people. I do not know about investment,hence making this international contact for the subject. Due to the bad condition of my mother and to see how i can move the fund out for investment. Presently i'm residing in the church here in city of lome as a result of maltreatment my mother was receiving from her relatives . she have handled me over the documents of the deposited fund under a security bond in Lome. please i want to know if you will be willing to help me.  i have contacted the company for the fund Now the company just told me that the enclosed funds  will be on transfered to any country i ask them of my choice. Now i'm searching for someone i will trust to receive and keep these fund and if possible provide a secured and profitable investment for the fund. Please I need your urgent response as I thought of looking for good person to help me . if you will be interested. please let me know is very urgent, I will inform the the company to contact you. Please I am in anticipation of your response. Thanks Yours. Carolina 		 	   		  
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