kiwix: my first look at the package

Vasudev Kamath kamathvasudev at
Thu May 31 07:42:49 UTC 2012

On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 12:14 PM, Mike Gabriel
<mike.gabriel at> wrote:
> I have taken a first look at the kiwix package.
> Summary of changes, already committed to Git:
>  o cherry-picked the version change in debian/changelog to master branch
>  o committed maintainer change to working branch
>   (-> debian-edu-pkg-team at l.a.d.o)
>   -> needs your confirmation and then cherry-picking to master branch
>  o set the package state to ,,UNRELEASED'' in debian/changelog to meet
>   heuristic requirements of debchange

I'm okay with these changes

> Currently, the package does not successfully build with git-buildpackage as
> the dh_clean task removes files from the package source folder that are
> actually in Git. git-buildpackage stops with complaining that there are
> uncommitted changes. Can you fix that? Or shall I?

I didn't add any override for dh_clean in rules file So I assume this
has to do something with upstream Makefile probably @renaud can help
us. @mike If you can fix it please go ahead as I may need some more
time (probably from this saturday) to have a proper look at the


> @Vasudev: about the maintainer field in the package... Team-maintained in
> the way I and others understand it means that the Maintainer: field of a
> package holds a mailing list as e-Mail address. People on the package are
> marked as uploaders. Is that ok for you?

Yes it is okay for me to make Debian-Edu team as maintainer and act as
uploader for the package, infact I already sent a request on alioth to
join Debian-Edu team for this same purpose. Please consider accepting
the request :-)..

I should have changed maintainer field myself yesterday but I forgot
to do so. I already maintain several packages as part of debian-in,
pkg-fonts and pkg-ruby-extras team so being part of one more team will
be nice experience for me :-)

With Best Regards


Vasudev Kamath

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