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Mon Jun 4 16:45:24 UTC 2012

Hi Renaud,

Putting debian-edu team in CC so Mike can also go through this loop.

On 15:16 Mon 04 Jun     , renaud gaudin wrote:
> Hi Vasudev,
> Can we meet on jabber (rgaudin at or IRC (#kiwix on
> freenode) so that you explain me where we're at?

I've added you to my jabber also I pinged you on #kiwix but you are
aways I assume

> I don't know what the problem is ; you mentioned kiwix not building
> inside a chroot but untill you give me your procedure to build, I
> won't be able to reproduce, understand the problem and fix it.
> An important precision for you:
>   The latest kiwix release is 0.9beta5.
> It's old and it's not the version we want to push into debian.

What I've is not 0.9beta5 but nightly build released by Kelson
probably May 2nd I named it 0.9beta5.1

> We want to use the nightly version that you can find in

Ah.. It would be helpful if its recorded some where on Kiwix site.. I
will try downloading this and name it 0.9beta6 and try to build

> Once we've fixed everything in the code for the package, we'll
> release it as version 0.9rc1.
> I also rewrote all the man pages (there are more binaries now). You
> can find them in the src/man folder.

I checked the man pages folder by updating my kiwix svn source but it
looks like I've written more detailed man pages may be you can verify.

[1] contains for man page for all binaries and [2] contains man page
for kiwix-manage


With Best Regards

Vasudev Kamath
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