kiwix: upstream code cleanup

renaud gaudin rgaudin at
Fri Jun 8 17:32:48 UTC 2012

 >(03:32:52 PM) mike.gabriel at the unusual-path thing looks 


 >(03:33:19 PM) mike.gabriel at but: 
/usr/etc/kiwix/library.xml should be /etc/kiwix/library.xml

It sems that to achieve that with autotools, you need to update 
debian/rules to use ./configure --sysconfdir=/etc

 >(03:33:51 PM) mike.gabriel at icons: instead of 
/usr/share/pixmaps/kiwix_<size>.png -> 


 >(03:34:58 PM) mike.gabriel at however, I think we should 
fix that after the first upload to Debian. With the current upstream 
code base, I guess, we can build our first draft for unstable...

Your call.

 >(03:39:07 PM) mike.gabriel at also, the executable kiwix 
does not get installed via make install. Only kiwix-compact and and 

It seems fixed on git. Maybe it's you...

We also need ./configure --enable-all
so that other binaries get included.

 >(03:39:39 PM) mike.gabriel at the .desktop file and the 
menu file refers to exec=kiwix, though. Do you want kiwix (executable) 
to be added to /usr/bin?


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