kiwix: status after two sessions with Renaud (upstream member) and Mike (packaging team member)

Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at
Sun Jun 10 02:59:32 UTC 2012

hi all,

Renaud and I had two fine coding sessions at this weekend and we have   
quite far advanced.

kiwix now builds on Debian sid and Debian wheezy in chroots (pbuilder)  
  and also works well during runtime (tested on sid only, though).

The package is also lintian clean apart from   
,,hardening-no-fortify-functions'' false positives. As lately   
discussed on debian-mentors these should remain as they are, because   
the false-positive reporting is a lintian inaccuracy and this has to   
be fixed in lintian.

@Renaud: in your last tarball you left a typo behind. I have fixed   
that temporarily with a patch (please apply upstream):;a=blob;f=debian/patches/001_fix-symlink-target.patch;h=61bc777c909a1d7fe38d06295ea4f908956bf23a;hb=73a726ff4a558198f1f71901f84ad30371f0ed61

@Renaud: I also played with the files. I believe you can  
drop them from the upstream tarball completely. They get re-created  
during build.

I have provided binary and source package here:

deb wheezy nightly
deb sid nightly

Also I have uploaded the package to for   
introspection if people prefer that.

So the next steps are:

   o Renaud fixes upstream with my patch (todo: Renaud) and possibly drop the files
   o import fixed upstream tarball on collab-maint/kiwix.git (todo: Mike)
   O changelog cleanup (todo: Mike)
   o Vasudev (+sponsor?) take a look on the package (todo: Vasudev)
   o work in feedback from Vasudev (+sponsor)
   o then: upload?



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