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Wed Jun 13 08:25:18 UTC 2012

Hi Miry,

On Mi 13 Jun 2012 10:03:01 CEST Miriam Ruiz wrote:

> 2012/6/13 Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel at>:
>> Does it actually make sense at all, to fiddle through all the different
>> license headers before upstream has given a statement on the license in
>> general and the license of individual files?
> Oh, sorry, I think my mail was not clear then. It is a copy of the one
> I sent upstream, we're not supposed to do anything about it until we
> get feedback from them. I just sent a copy to you and the list to keep
> you informed.

Oh no... your mail was clear. I fully understood it as you described above.

What I was referring to was the deal we had earlier: you contact  
upstream and I prepare /debian/copyright. At that time I had not  
looked any closer at individual file headers. What you wrote in the  
(copy of the) mail to upstream highly alluded that upstream has to do  
some homework on the license headers anyway. Starting to work on  
/debian/copyright would simply be duplicate effort then, wouldn't it  
(you answered that above already).

Greets and let's wait for upstream,


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