slbackup_0.0.12-5~edu70+1_amd64.changes is NEW

Skolelinux archive Installer ftpmaster at
Wed Apr 24 12:00:03 UTC 2013

(new) slbackup_0.0.12-5~edu70+1.diff.gz optional utils
(new) slbackup_0.0.12-5~edu70+1.dsc optional utils
(new) slbackup_0.0.12-5~edu70+1_all.deb optional utils
Skolelinux Backup system
 A backup system designed to back up multiple clients to a server.
 slbackup uses rdiff-backup as the underlying backup software.
 Clients can be the host installing this package, or other hosts
 reachable via a SSH connection (using SSH keys). The host storing the
 backup data can be the host installing this package or another host
 reachable via a SSH connection (also using SSH keys).
(new) slbackup_0.0.12.orig.tar.gz optional utils
Changes: slbackup (0.0.12-5~edu70+1) unstable; urgency=low
  * For D-E archive: use source format 1.0.
  * /debian/rules:
    + Manually run quilt (patch/unpatch).

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