License issues with fonts shipped with Open-Sankore

Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at
Sun May 5 21:46:36 UTC 2013

Hi all,

today I have had a quick look at the fonts shipped with Sankore-3.1 in  
the folder


Only 3 of them can be packaged/found in Debian. The other fonts cause  
issues with the Debian free software guidelines [1].

With this mail I want to raise awareness on those issues by raising  
some green, some yellow and a red flag.

Green Flags
ec_cour.ttf (Ecolier Court, Open Font License), already in Debian
ecl_cour.ttf (Ecolier Lignes Court, Open Font License), already in Debian

AndBasR.ttf (Andika Basic), I substitute that by the Andika font as  
found in Debian package fonts-sil-andika.

Yellow Flags
For the below fonts I could not find a proper upstream (the makers of  
the fonts) on the internet. So, the license remains unclear. On  
download sites [2] I found: only use for non-commercial use (however,  
my French is not so good, so I may be mistaken here). This hurts  
DFSG-6, as in Debian there may only be software that can be used for  
any purpose.

Cursive standard.ttf
Cursive standard Bold.ttf

The fonts below can be obtained from [3] (upstream), but they are  
licensed under the CC-by-NC-ND 2.0 [4]. This license is not compliant  
with the Debian free software guidelines (no commercial use -> DFSG-6,  
no derivatives -> DFSG-3).


Red Flag
The font below is called Gino School Script. I could not find a  
license for it, but I found a site [5] where you can buy this font for  
99,--€. So I guess, you better remove that from Github, as it seems to  
be a completely non-free font.


Consequences on Open-Sankore in Debian
The Debian package will for now be shipped without the named fonts. My  
(and probably also Miry's) questions are: can you substitute those  
fonts by fully free fonts? Where will those fonts be missing in  
Sankore and where will the user notice that?




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