Bug#775816: Temporary workarround

Marcos Mezo mmezo at selexco.net
Wed Feb 4 12:38:43 UTC 2015

I was hit by this same bug yesterday after an upgrade.

As a temporary workaround (which might open some security issues, but at
least lets you work with gosa) you can edit the mentioned file
(/usr/share/gosa/html/index.php) and change that line (392).

Where it reads:
..... set_post($username) ....

change it to:
.... $username .....

I'm not by the system and I'm speaking out of my head, so cannot
reproduce the whole line. Take care of only removing "set_post(" and
only one closing parenthesis ")" at the end.

If I get time I'll try to investigate further, because there are lots of
gosa related warnings in the syslog file and I don't remember having
seen them before, although everything I've tried works normally after
this change.


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