Courtesy of your family name.

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Tue Jun 2 07:09:33 UTC 2015

Good day.

I received a letter from Banque Togoleise pour Le Commerce et
L'Indusrie (BTCI) Lome Togo regarding the fund that was left by my
late client.  The said they had in the past made several publications
and even contacting the embassy of your country which never proffered
any solution to their  expected goal. They finally resorted to
contacting me to know if I would have any of the family members of my
late client come for the claim.  When I offered myself for the claim,
they informed me that they are also interested in making the claim if
it was possible for anyone else to do so. When I asked them what was
needed for the claim, I was informed that the claimant must have the
same family name (Surname) as my late client. As an attorney to my
late client, I decided to apply my legal prowess with all the tips
available to me. In the course of this search, I got your details as
matching to his for the same family name and country of origin. Though
the bank did not ask for the country of
origin as someone may have his or her relatives born in different
countries (parts of the world)  but with the same family name.  I am
very pleased with my efforts to get in touch with you as the fund
would have been lost to the government in a case no relative of my
deceased client is found. I am very confident that with my 45 years in
legal practice and
financial matters, the information and documents of my late client
with me and the cooperation of the bank officers especially from the
Foreign Operations that contacted me,  we must surly prevail.  Time is
of essence.  It is important you get back to me as soon as you go
through this mail for more details on what the bank requires.  My
stake on it is that I have all that the bank requires when it come to
background checks and information of the late client of mine. My
worries is that due to millions of such mails people receive on daily
basis on internet, you may think this is one of them.  There is
nothing as good as the original itself.  I suggest you keep this
confidential and do whatever the bank requires to make the claim and
we shall have no problems getting the fund released to your account
according to international banking laws and in line with the global
best practices. I have all the letters which I am ready to send to you
for your perusal.  I have also the application template which the bank
has sent to me for you to follow in the process.
I wait patiently for your favourable response.

Jerry Glenn Douglas.

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