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Wed Mar 2 07:20:00 UTC 2016

Dear ,

The New Technolodge for the waterproofing was released as:

Full Protection for LED Strips against Dust and water

Protects against steam and water damage unlike Non-Waterproof Strip.

5-10um alternative Thickness

Better heat dissipation compared to standard waterproof (Gel/Silicone coated) LED Strips.

Lower operating temperature extends life of LED's reducing light decay often encountered with standard waterproof strips,No color changing of waterproof coating.

Super Slim for versatile application 

Architectural decorative lighting, Archway, canopy & bridge edge lighting, Amusement park, theater & aircraft cabin mood lighting, Emergency hallway lighting, Auditorium walkway lighting, Stairway accent lighting

Free Cutting at each 5cm/2inches

Minimum 5cm cutting length, ideal for DIY.  

Full set accessories achieve Iron Free

Full accessories to meet all your need, including drivers, connectors, controllers, wires etc.

Looking forward to your reply.

Harry Ding | Sales representative
Tel: +86 592 5129697 Mob: +86 15060197943
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