Bug#860312: lmms: please lower the indirect dependency on wine

Javier Serrano Polo javier at jasp.net
Fri Apr 14 12:32:56 UTC 2017

El dv 14 de 04 de 2017 a les 14:00 +0200, Graham Inggs va escriure:
> This means a typical installation (without --no-install-recommends) of
> lmms will install lmms-vst-server, libwine and all of libwine's
> dependencies.

These components are part of the recommended installation by upstream.

> Would you please consider lowering the Recommends:
> lmms-vst-server:i386 to Suggests: lmms-vst-server:i386 ?

I did consider what the right dependency is.

IMHO, this bug is wontfix and should be closed. However, I have no
authority to override a decision from a Debian developer.
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