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Ilana Kapes ilana at
Sat Jan 6 11:26:37 UTC 2018

Hi team at Skolelinux

How are you?

I came across your excellent site:

How much would it be for an article placement with a link in the main
content area of the article going to a *leading gaming/sports betting
site*, taking
into account the 3 points below:

   - We will get the* content written*. The content will be of *high
   quality *and will fit the topic/nature of your site.
   - The article is *not* marked as sponsored and will stay on the site
   *permanently* even if it rolls over into the archives.
   - We will pay you via *Paypal *once the article is live.

Please update me with a price and will speak to the client ASAP. Also if
you operate or have access to any other sites, feel free to send them
through also with prices..

Thanks so much.


*Ilana - Account Manager*
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