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Donald Douglas ddouglasng at
Wed Aug 29 14:05:54 BST 2018

Hello Sir,

I crave your indulgence to introduce my self to you i am Nelly Mbogo
Amok from Nairobi Kenya, i am married to late David Amok a successful
business man from South Sudan.I seek your permission to bring you in
to what i go through here with my brothers in law with the intention
of seeking for your help to come out of it.  As i communicate you i am
asking for your cooperation and your assistance to relocate to your
country, due to the treatment my late husband family meant to me by
taking away all the physical wealth and properties my late husband
left for me and my two children because i did not have a male child
for him and down here they believe if you don't have a male child who
will take after you your family linage will be closed and your
surviving siblings will share your belongings and i refused them with
their evil thoughts....

They have taken virtually all the properties and still forcing me to
release all his banking papers or i face there anger. I have met with
the security and judiciary dept and all the things they were asking me
to release was ruled in my favor since i am my husband next of kin and
ever since then it's a serious problem in the family and my life is at
stake here hence my husbands lawyer asked me to seek for help outside
the country for the claim, as i am writing you now i am in a hot
position because i cannot leave without transferring all the funds my
late husband lodged in a bank here to any bank you will present to
me.On this note i am seeking for your cooperation to  stand inn as the
receiver of the funds as my late husband partner in business so that i
can leave here with my children and come over to you for investment of
the funds as my husband lawyer advised,so that my brothers in law will
not have access to the funds or its where about.I will update you on
the way forward if you accept my hands in business and friendship.
Also i will let you know the deposit value and the bank where the
funds is deposited. I am eagerly waiting to read from you.

Yours Sincerely,
Donald Douglas,
Nelly Mbogo Amok.
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