Bug#918242: ITS: lmms

Javier Serrano Polo javier at jasp.net
Fri Jan 4 21:05:53 GMT 2019

El dv 04 de 01 de 2019 a les 17:57 +0100, Ross Gammon va escriure:
> And he has been recently adding information to some of the bugs,
> including
> asking for help to upload something.

Indeed, I am still waiting. Boyuan Yang offered to sponsor too. I am
fine if you do the upload.

Next upstream version, namely 1.2.0, is not ready.

> I am wondering if it would be a good idea to move lmms into the
> Debian
> Multimedia team where I could help with the maintenance.

This is for Debian Edu developers to decide.
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