Bug#918242: Lmms Review

Ross Gammon rossgammon at debian.org
Sun Jan 13 11:57:21 GMT 2019

Hi Javier,

I have done a quick review of lmms as it is in Salsa at the moment. Here
are my comments.

Upload Blockers:

1. Why are we adding the lmms-bin package? This is not explained, and
means the package will have to go via the NEW queue, and may be there
for months waiting for acceptance. And then, because lmms still depends
on calf-ladspa, #891756 is not really fixed. I recommend reverting this
change, and keeping the old package names. Then the RC bug will be fixed
much quicker.

2. The Vcs-Git URL in debian/control is now missing & the Vcs-Browser
URL should not have .git at the end. This change should also be
mentioned in the changelog.

3. The Debian changelog is missing most of the Debian changes made to
the package (and the ones there are not very explanatory). See below for

Minor Issues:

4. * Fix build (Closes: #897806). If the patch was based on an upstream
commit(s), this should be referenced in the patch header description.
The purpose being, that it is easier to work out for the next release if
the patch can be dropped. And the debian/changelog entry should
reference the patch that fixed the FTBFS for GCC 8.
I would recommend: "Added build-amd64-20181013.patch to fix FTBFS for
GCC 8".

5. * Allow recommendations (Closes: #891756). It is better to say "Drop
calf-laspa from depends to recommends (Closes: #891756)".

6. Debian changelog should mention the change of maintainer email address.

7. The change to debian/rules is not mentioned in the changelog, and
should be explained there.

8. There are lots of lintian warnings. Some of them will go away when
point 1. above is addressed. Some of them are probably easy to fix.

Other stuff for later:

9. Later versions - Do you think it is worth trying to package v1.1.90
for Buster (assuming the latest 1.2.0 comes too late)? By the way, we
could package RC7 for experimental. Then it would be easy to move it to
unstable once the Final Release comes out (all of the tricky packaging
issues should have been already sorted out).

10. Join Debian Multimedia Team? As Petter is happy for DMT to take
over, feel free to request to join the team. Lmms is a good fit for the
team, and it would be easier for me to help out (and others too). Of
course, if you enjoy helping out with other Debian Edu packages, then
feel free to stay. We can close this ITS Bug recording your decision, or
in the changelog of a future upload from the DMT repository.

Ping me when you think the package is ready.

Thanks for caring for lmms, and sorry it has taken so long for you to
get the help to upload it.



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