Bug#925138: gosa: crypto-transition not possible if upgrading from stretch

Wolfgang Schweer wschweer at arcor.de
Wed Mar 20 11:03:44 GMT 2019

Source: gosa
Version: 2.7.4+reloaded3-7
Severity: important

While testing to upgrade a Debian Edu main server from Stretch to Buster
I noticed that GOsa failed to work. This is due to the neede crypto migration.

The NEWS file recommends a tool which isn't available in Buster, only working in

The mentioned tool gosa-mcrypt-to-openssl-passwords requires mcrypt, missing in

The NEWS information is valid for stretch-bpo, though.

To be more precise:  
If upgrading from Stretch, gosa-mcrypt-to-openssl-passwords fails and 
leaves the user w/o any clue how to fix the GOsa access


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