Hassani Amodu Ahmed ahmedhakeem158 at
Tue Jan 14 22:05:13 GMT 2020


I am Hassani Amodu Ahmed from Libya, a loyalist to our great leader
Muhmar Gaddaffi. I am sure you are aware of the situation in my
country Libya, since after the death of our great leader Muhmar
Gaddaffi Many of us are on the run to escape from death, its either we
die or taken prisoner, please i need your help to save my life and to
help me retrieve money out from the Heathrow Airport and money
deposited in the bank in London.

Realizing this situation earlier I managed to move some money out to a
bank in Britain to ensure the well being of my only daughter (NADINE)
in case I don't survive, i also move money in box through courier
which is at the Heathrow Airport. But on 23rd of June 2011 the UK
treasury put a freeze on all monies from my country and I can't have
access to it.

The chaotic situation has shattered all hope. I have made attempt to
inform my daughter whom I deposited the money on her name but she,
NADINE hates me and has refused to talk to me in 13 years. Faced with
this dilemma I am in desperate need of an honest person to help me
recover the money. The total money involved is $700 million dollars.

My plea is to ensure the welfare of my only daughter if I don't
survive. I am aware that I stand a risk of loosing the money but I
come to you in hopeless abandon and honesty for partnership to
cooperate with Nadine my only daughter so that all the money can be
moved to your custody and you will help me make arrangement for my
passage to escape out of Libya. I am ready to sacrifice 30% of the
$700 million for your sincere cooperation.

All I require is you contact my daughter or you contact directly the
courier at the Heathrow Airport London UK they will release the box to
you under my instruction the box contain over $50million, you can
contact my daughter tell her you are my old friend and that you
convinced me to send her the family tree book to Heathrow airport.

Although she is angry with my decision she will do anything to get
back this book. Tell her in the package there are bank deposit
documents and bank debit card that contain $2million and physical cash
in box she must send to your address, with this she will be convinced.

If she confirms your readiness to assist her she will cooperate to go
Heathrow Airport to retrieve the package and the box, and i declare
the content of the box as my cloth. I will provide you with my
daughter contact.

This process can be achieved in a few days if you fully indicate your
seriousness and cooperation.

I expect your urgent reply

Warm Regards
Hassani Amodu Ahmed From Libya

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