snap-byob_4.2.2.9+dfsg-1_amd64.changes REJECTED

Scott Kitterman ftpmaster at
Sun Jan 19 01:00:36 GMT 2020

One of our trainees noted the following:

Copyright/licensing issues: says that Brian Harvey's name should also be in the `Files:
*` stanza.

The `Files: debian/snap-byob` stanza is presumably for
debian/, not debian/snap-byob.  The file cannot be "no
copyright" if it is under the GPL.  And we need to have the copyright
holders recorded in d/copyright.

Backgrounds\{rays,slopes}.svg and numerous files in Costumes were
exported from Adobe Illustrator (there's comments in the XML), so are
we sure they're in their preferred form for modification?

Similarly, many files were exported by from Scratch.  Can you confirm
that's a lossless export, such that the scratch source files (if those
are a thing?) wouldn't be the preferred form of modification?

libraries/biginteger.js is MIT, not AGPL-3+!

Licensing of libraries/schemeNumber.js unclear.

Various copyrights of locale/lang-*.js not given.

At this point, I stopped looking through the orig.tar, having found
numerous blocking problems.

Binary package questions:

I am not keen on embedding the *former* name of the project, byob,
into the package names.  Couldn't you use
'snap-programming-environment' or something?

Why does snap-byob-desktop need to be a separate binary package?  That
package is incredibly small.

Other comments:

Shouldn't the browser dependency use an appropriate virtual package?
Does it really require Firefox in particular?

Based on that review, I am going to reject the package.  Please review the
feedback and update before uploading again.  Also, please do a complete
review of upstream license/copyright information as the above is not
necessarily comprehensive.

Scott K


Please feel free to respond to this email if you don't understand why
your files were rejected, or if you upload new files which address our

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