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Sander Myhra sander.myhra at
Thu Jun 25 08:51:06 BST 2020


Scandinavian companies seeking IT specialists use the so-called nearshoring, highly valuing the skills of one of the best Polish developers in the world.

Poland has become an IT region of Europe. Scandinavia has invested over EUR 11 billion in Poland over the last decade, where more companies with Scandinavian capital are looking for specialists in the IT industry.

Our 400-person team cooperates remotely on hundreds of projects, supporting companies such as you. The agility with which we operate in technologies: PHP, C #, Java, .Net, Python, Q&A makes us set further directions for the development of global brands.

A high level of IT knowledge, no cultural and language barriers and a quick adaptation of the working mode to Scandinavian standards translates into the best effect of your project, which we finalize in the shortest possible time.

Could we jointly explore cooperation options?

Sander Myhra

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