Bug#1034452: Wayland Incompatible

Barak A. Pearlmutter barak at pearlmutter.net
Sat Apr 15 21:19:15 BST 2023

Package: veyon-service
Version: 4.7.5+repack1-1

Veyon does not have Wayland support, which is slated to be released
with version 5.x in about two and a half years ago. In the meantime,
when client machines are logged in with Wayland, the master cannot
view their screens etc. I would suggest that, until Wayland support
materializes, there be a configuration option which tells the display
manager to discourage Wayland sessions. This could of course come with
varying levels of stridency: forbid Wayland entirely, pop up a scary
Wayland warning, just make X11 sessions the default, etc.

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