[Debian-ha-maintainers] DRBD packaging

Ante Karamatić ivoks at ubuntu.com
Mon Jul 6 07:24:25 UTC 2009


My name is Ante Karamatic and I've been maintaining drbd package in
Ubuntu. I'm writing this mail cause I would like to see more cooperation
between Debian and Ubuntu on packaging DRBD 8.3.2.

So, let me introduce you with what we've did so far, and what we propose
for new drbd packages.

Until now, Ubuntu added support for drbd in kernel that it shipped. User
would be required to just install drbd8-utils package. That made
updating drbd in Ubuntu almost impossible, since it would require
updating kernel and providing drbd8-utils package almost at the same
time as kernel.

So, I've come up with an idea of using DKMS for building kernel module.
On installation drbd8-utils would pull in drbd8-source package which
would use DKMS for building, installing and managing drbd module. I've
also made some packages, which are available here:


So, is Debian interested in managing drbd with DKMS? If yes, could we
somehow work together on delivering this? And, if not, do you have any
plans on changing the way you are doing it right now?

Thank you for your time

Ante Karamatic

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