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Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Tue Dec 19 08:46:01 CET 2006

Hussain KH a écrit :
> Respected Christian Perrier
> I'm here by forwarding the mail I sent to Mr. Saumya Pradeep regarding 
> the inclusion of Rachana font in the Debian distribution. As a reply I 
> received mail from Saumya that he is now fully convinced of the 
> Technical and historical importance of Rachana font as well its 
> GNU-GPL status.
> As I put in the following mail I would like to repeat "*we here by 
> declare that any one can use/modify/distribute it under GNU GPL."*
> *
> *Please go through the attached article by Dr. Mammen Chundamannil 
> that fully explains our stands and aspirations towards free software 
> movement and GNU-GPL
> Expecting necessary actions to be taken in order to make use of 
> Rachana font in the Malayalam localisation of Debian,
> Thanking in anticipation
> Yours faithfully
> Hussain KH
> (Rachana Font Designer and Project Co-ordinator)

OK. That seems to definitely clarify the situation, thanks for taking 
time to get and write the answer.

Indeed, I already included the new Rachana_w01.otf font in the 
ttf-malayalam-fonts package on behalf of Soumyadip, the real maintainer 
of the package.

One last step that would be interesting is getting a reliable location 
for new releases downloads so that the maintainer(s) of the package 
which includes these fonts can update them regularly as long as they're 

I'm still incredibly amazed by the progress of the free software 
movement all around India, in all its language communities. Seeing this 
from very far and even with my very limited knowledge of many parts of 
the socio-economical (and political...) situation in your country, I'm 
incredibly impressed. All this confirms that the personal investment I 
put into a better support for South-Asia languages in Debian and 
Debian-derived distributions has not been done in vain. This is 
incredibly motivating, indeed.

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