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Heidi Jones hjreport3821 at blumail.org
Sat Jul 14 01:39:17 BST 2012


I know you might be a bit surprised to receive a personal email from me as I''m
sure you may have seen me on TV as one of the former WABC TV weather forecaster
and Good Morning America show anchor.

I assume you already know that my name is Heidi Jones. I  feel sure that you
have read in the news that you are aware of my present predicament in my career
due to the rape case I falsified and then filed and then later pleaded guilty,
I am  presently facing the three years probation sentence because I''m done
performing the sentence of 350 hours of community service. If  by chance you
haven''t heard of me, you can easily do asearch on your computer by going to
google.com for more details.  I recommend you search for "Heidi Jones 350 hours
of community service".

Please don''t judge me for I have already been judged and sentenced and I will
appreciate if you sincerely understand that this is not my reason for contacting
you but for a very crucial project that might possibly be yours or a member of
your family.  I need a prove that I''m dealing with the right person due to the
cogent  project that may need to do with you or your family.

Kindly let me know your complete name so I can be sure that I''m dealing with
the right person here

and send your reply to me ASAP.

Peace and blessings.

Heidi Jones
hjones3821 at aol.com

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