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Sat Oct 13 15:18:00 BST 2012

Hello Dearest,

How are you today, hoping that its all well with you over there.

Its with a deep sense and a premeditate time to seek for someone who i can
share my mind with which leads to my getting in contact with you. someone i
can establish a new and solid relationship with, someone i can trust and
rely on, someone i can call a friend, brother, sister, mother and
otherwise. someone to feel for me when i cry mostly at this my present
situation. i am Clarion Ayodele by name, 23 years old of age and only
daughter of late Mr. Jerome Ayodele who died as a result of BOKO HARAM
attack here in my country Nigeria. My father was a lecturer at the Bayero
University Kano and also a politician, he was also the personal adviser to
the Governor of my state //KANO// before the tragic incident. He died with
his fellow college Prof Andrew Leo and many others.

It all happened and seems like its over now, but to me it remain so
painful, unbearable and unforgettable if this proposal happens to be
neglected. i must have to let you know more about me and the incident for
that would be the only way you would understand how i feel and how much and
why i need you in my life.

My parent was the only thing i will say i have ever had around me as they
both worked together to see me through in life before the death of my
mother. i enjoyed their company so much and always rate them higher than
every other parent i have ever known, because they cared for me. I was like
a gold and a treasure to behold to my dad who always express how much he
loved my mother and I. the undiluted love he had for my mum and i was one
of the secrets behind his refusal to remarrying another wife after the
death of my mother.

Now he has suddenly joined his ancestors, thereby leaving me behind in a
state/circle of confusion which is one of the reason why i am contacting
you now. I don't really like telling much about this as it causes me pain
every time i remembers it. but i have found out that the only way i can
erase the pain from my mind is to seek for one who i can explain to, mostly
now i have found out that he (my father) left a lot of inheritance which
requires me having someone around me.

This is the details:

After the death of my father, i met with his lawyer who notified me of my
fathers deposited fund in Malaysia which i was assigned to inherit, but
with some restricted measures during the deposit,  was an agreement which
stipulated that I must have a husband or a foreign partner, or gets to the
age of 30 before taking full inheritance of the money for proper usage.

So instead of allowing the fund to be confiscated by the Bank, i hereby
begging you to assist me on this situation. honestly, you will have nothing
more to do for me over this than standing as my husband/foreign partner
before the bank, for that is the only way i can make the plan a success.
The amount is ($3.8  Million US Dollars) and I have contacted the Malaysian
bank updating them on my plans on coming for the fund, since my dad who
deposited it is no longer alive. having heard from me, they advised that i
should come up with a responsible person who can solidly stand behind me as
my husband or whatever, just as stated in the agreement they had with my
father. therefore, we will be transferring the fund to your account first
if you accept this offer, while i prepare my traveling documents and air
ticket to come over to meet you there for a better life and proper plan on
how we make use of the fund.

Mind you that you will not be spending any money on this because i wouldn't
like to inconvenience you financially.

Please i will like to know your willingness towards assisting me in this
claim so that i can give you the full contact of the bank for proper

Give this a careful thought and get back to me having it in mind that i am
seriously in needs of your help.Once I hear from you again, i will tell you
what next to do.Take care and God bless you. Am looking forward to hear
from you.

Yours sincerely.

Clarion Jerome Ayodele
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