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Sat Apr 27 04:32:03 BST 2013

Catholic House, Oxley Rd, Off Leeds,

Mill Lane. ub6 7hq London,

United Kingdom.

Date: 27th April 2013

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to notify you that you have been chosen By

the Board of trustees of the Catholic

Charity Foundation United Kingdom, as one of the recipients for 2013 Cash Aid for your own personal,

educational and business development.

The Catholic Charity Foundation was developed in

1936 by the Multi-Million groups, which was

conceived with the objective of Human Growth, Poverty Eradication, Education and Community Development. The

United Nations (UN) and the European Union

(EU), is donating the sum of Five Hundred Million Great Britain Pounds, towards the Catholic Charity

Foundation anniversary as specific cash aid

to over 250 international recipients worldwide in different categories for Business, Educational and

Personal Development and more so, at least 30% to be used by each for the

development of his/her community.

In line with the 77th year anniversary program,

the United Nation and Catholic Charity

Foundation has established and launched a satellite foundation in Africa and Asia and wishes to use this

medium to introduce Catholic Charity

Foundation Africa and Asia to the world. Based on the random selection exercise from the Catholic Charity

Foundation product purchase receipts and

the Internet IP addresses, you were selected among the recipients to receive the sum of £6,000,000.00 (Six

Million Great Britain Pounds Only) as cash

aid from the donations of the (UN) and the (EU)

in accordance with the enabling act of Parliament. The Catholic Charity Foundation, is one of the numerous bodies

involved in the fight against global

economic crisis, in line with this, we resolved to empower only recipients with laudable credentials, Skills and

experience in leading/management so as to

ensure adequate utilization of the cash aid and also to ensure that beneficiaries will invest in

organizations that will in turn provide job

opportunities for themselves, and their community at large.

This will empower so many people, and afford them

the opportunity to get their lives to a

stage where they had always wanted. Kindly note that you will only be chosen to receive the cash aid once, which

means that subsequent yearly donation will

not get to you again, so it\\\'s your chance to

spend wisely on something that will create a long lasting wealth to you, your family and members of your community.

You are required to contact your cash aid

documentation officer (Catholic Aid

Administrator United Kingdom) via below contact details to confirm your notification:

Name: Rev. Jerry C. Paul.

Tel: +447010083534

Fax: +44-870-495-0009


jerry_col at priest.com

Be aware that the Catholic Charity Foundation

Board of trustees does not know you in

person or your biography; this makes it impossible to identify you, or ascertain your credibility as to ensuring that

your cash aid will be appropriately


Kindly accept our warmest congratulations.

Yours Faithfully,

Rev. Thomas De Maria

Catholic Charity Foundation, UK.


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