[Debian-Islamic-maintainers] GET BACK TO ME FOR DETAILS

mabel enriquez menriquez at ok.net
Fri Feb 8 16:08:19 GMT 2013

Dearest one
My name is Mrs.Mabel Enriquez,I am sorry to have contacted you without your prior notice, this is a matter of utmost importance.I contacted you out of luck and goodwill with hope of getting your urgent attention.I need to discuss with you on my propose project in your country.

I have a charity project that is dear to my heart which I wish to partnership with you to help the motherless babies home and widows in all part of the world. My family has been blessed many years and since the death of my husband I have been left with a fortune that I now intend to donate to charity project because I have been diagnosis with Breast and Blood disease which has defiled all forms of medical treatment.

I have been touched to donate from what I have made from this world to charity through you for the good work of humanity,rather than allow my husband's relatives that plotted his death to use our hard earned money inappropriately after my death.

Do kindly reply me once you are in receipt of this message so that I can details you accordingly and give you all details that will enable you have access to the funds where it was deposited by my late husband.
I am waiting for your reply.
Best regards.
Mrs. Mabel Enriquez.
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