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bruce otete bruceotete14 at yahoo.de
Thu May 23 19:13:21 BST 2013

Attention!! Hijrah,

I sent you this letter a month ago, but I'm not sure if you did received it
as I haven't heard from you and this is the reason I am resending it.

I'm Barrister Bruce Otete, I am making this offer to you in connection with
the death of Mr. D. E.Hijrah, who was my client before his death, leaving
some huge sums of money US$7.5 Million in the bank. After an unsuccessful
attempt to find a link there, I decided to contact you.

Please give me your e-mail address is different from the contacts in order
to improve communication and details on this issue. For more information,
please contact us through our camera / Postal Service: [
bruceotete14 at yahoo.de]

Thank you for your prompt response.

Ms. Felicia Mathias (Secretary).
Who: Bruce Otete (Esq).
(Chief Prosecutor)

Lome Togo
E-mail: [bruceotete14 at yahoo.de]
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