[Debian-Islamic-maintainers] -- Congratulations You are favored Master ATM Card

ATM MASTER CARD PAYMENT barr.dennischurchill at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 13:18:56 BST 2015

Congratulations You are favored Master ATM Card

Good day, after our official meeting yesterday United Nations office
has agreed to compensate all scam victims which your email is
inclusive and total payment of $2.5M USD is approved in your
favor.Therefore we have arranged your total payment of $2.5M USD
through Master Card ATM which is the latest instruction from the World
Bank president. This compensation includes international businesses
that failed due to Government problems etc.

1 Full Name:...

2 Country:......

3 Delivery Address:.....

4 Telephone......& Occupation.....

5 Your Age...... /Sex............

Best Regards,
Chris Andrew
UBA Office.Contact us by Email revernddr.james_peter at yahoo.com
Call Us For More Inquiries:+229 9773 1892.

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