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Compliments of the day,

My name is Dr.Andrew Aku. I am the Director of Operations in one of
the Financial Institutions here. I urge you to note that the contents
of this email are for "Your Eyes Only" and should no be shared or
disclosed because of the nature of my proposal.

Furthermore, I need you to administer the sum of $80,300,000.00USD
(Eighty million Three hundred thousand United States Dollars) which
was obtained after seven months of investment by Mr. Marco Antonio Silva
who was a Brazilian citizen, and a High Network Client of our branch,
who lost his life and that of his wife and only daughter, Maria Alaine
Da Silva and Elaine Tavares Da Silva, tragically on July 17th 2010.

As a standard practice here, we did a preliminary investigation to get
a blood relative who would stand to inherit this money since Elaine
Tavares Da Silva,his only daughter and next of kin also died leaving
no next of kin.

It has been over five years now, and nobody has come forward,and the
funds remained Frozen to observe monetary regulations here and in the
next three months I will have to notify the Government to claim it.

I see a perfect opportunity in this situation for us to make money, and
with my position, you can receive this money to be shared between us.

I feel happy knowing that the money does not belong to anyone. But it
will be unfortunate if we let this chance pass us by.

I need a very sincere person, as I will not compromise loyalty for any
because I have been hurt too many times by people I know and care about.

I intend on being open with you at all times and I will appreciate the same
from you. This is my guarantor success.

Best Regards,
Dr.Andrew Aku
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